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Application for Dumpster Permit

  1. This application is to be used for roll-off dumpsters placed ENTIRELY on a property (ex. in driveway.) Please contact Ashley Taylor at 303-833-2317 X120 or if circumstances prevent a roll-off dumpster from being placed entirely on property. Roll-off dumpster providers are required to be licensed within the City of Dacono. Please visit the City of Dacono's website for a current list of providers. Applicants will be notified upon approval of application and advised on payment instructions. Dumpster permits are generally $10.00 and valid for two (2) weeks upon issuance.
  2. Please indicate where the dumpster will be placed within the City.
  3. Please refer to the City of Dacono's website for a current list of licensed companies.
  4. My signature above certifies that the dumpster will be located entirely on the property.
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