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6:00 PM

Meeting location: Annex Building, 512 Cherry Ave - Building C, Dacono, CO   80514

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Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Presentations and Proclamations


Public Comments on Issues not Scheduled on Agenda


Consent Agenda



Approval of October 9, 2023, Regular Meeting Minutes


Approval of Accounts Payable Dated October 23, 2023, in the Amount of $278,505.42


Approval of Resolution 23-95, Approving an Agreement with the Honorable David J. Thrower for Municipal Court Judge Services


Approval of Resolution 23-96, Approving a Proposal for Construction with Colorado Paving, Inc. for Construction Services.


Approval of Resolution 23-97, Approving a Construction Contract with A-Fast Patch, Inc. for Asphalt Patching Services


Approval of Resolution 23-98, Approving a Construction Contract with Waterhouse, Inc. d/b/a All-Pro Pavement Services for Asphalt Milling


Approval of Resolution 23-99, Approving an Easement Agreement with AJW-21, LLC


Approval of Resolution 23-100, Approving an Engagement Letter with Hoffman, Park, Wilson & Carberry P.C. for Special Prosecuting Attorney Services


Approval of Resolution 23-101, Approving a License Agreement for DRCOG DRAAP


General Business


Public Hearing and Approval of Ordinance 950, Amending Chapters 16 and 4 of the Dacono Municipal Code to Allow Accessory Dwelling Units in The Agricultural (A) Zone District, on Second Reading


Public Hearing and Consideration of Resolution 23-102, Extending the Deadline for Compliance with a Condition of Approval for Sweetgrass Filing No. 5 Subdivision


Consideration and Approval of Ordinance 951, Amending Chapter 18 of the Dacono Municipal Code to Add a New Article 9 Concerning Management of Construction Activities by Building Permit Holders, on First Reading


Consideration and Approval of Ordinance 952, Amending Chapter 2, Article 7 of the Dacono Municipal Code Concerning the Collection of Fines, Court Costs, and Other Amounts Imposed or Assessed by the Dacono Municipal Court, on First Reading


Staff Reports


Council Members

Doris Crespo                         Tony Cummings             

Danny Long                          Kevin Plain

Adam Morehead, Mayor    Michelle Rogers

Kathryn Wittman