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6:00 PM

New Annex Building, 512 Cherry Ave - Building C, Dacono, CO   80514

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Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Presentations and Proclamations


Public Comments on Issues not Scheduled on Agenda


Consent Agenda



Minutes of the September 12, 2022 Regular Meeting


Accounts Payable dated September 26, 2022 in the amount of $351,044.10


Approval of Resolution 22-66, approving a Notice of Award and Contract Agreement with L.G. Everist, Inc for the Holly Road Base Project


Approval of Resolution 22-67, approving an agreement with Basis Partners for engineering services


Approval of Resolution 22-68, approving an agreement with Envirotech Services for dust control


Approval of Resolution 22-69, approving an amendment to the Employee Personnel Manual to allow PTO to be used to supplement temporary total disability pay


Approval of Resolution 22-73, approving an agreement with Direct Discharge Consulting, LLC for professional Water Operator in Responsible Charge Services


General Business


Public hearing and approval of Resolution 22-70, approving a Site Plan and Development Agreement for Vivid II Workshops


Public hearing and approval of Resolution 22-71, approving a Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Sweetgrass Filing No. 5


Public hearing and approval Ordinance 933, rezoning certain property within the proposed Ridge Lands Subdivision, on first reading; and approval of Resolution 22-72, approving a Preliminary Plat and Preliminary Development Plan for the Ridge Lands Subdivision


Staff Reports


Council Members

Doris Crespo                     Danny Long                       

Kevin Plain                        Adam Morehead, Mayor   

Jackie Thomas                 Jim Turini 

Kathryn Wittman