City Council Agenda web

6:00 PM

Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Presentations and Proclamations


Public Comments on Issues not Scheduled on Agenda


Consent Agenda



Approval of December 11, 2023, Regular Meeting Minutes


Approval of Accounts Payable Dated January 8, 2024, in the Amount of $1,041,791.48


Approval of Resolution 24-01, Amending the Employee Pay Plan for Fiscal Year 2024 by Reclassifying the Position of HR Generalist


Approval of Resolution 24-02, Approving an Independent Contractor Agreement with Westcott Consulting, Inc


Approval of Resolution 24-03, Approving a Twentieth Interim Agreement with the Northern Integrated Supply Project Water Activity Enterprise, for participation in the Northern Integrated Supply Project


Approval of Resolution 24-04, Levying General Property Taxes for the Year 2023, to Help Defray the Costs of Government for the City of Dacono, Colorado, for the 2024 Budget Year


Approval of Resolution 24-06, Approving an Agreement by and Between the City of Dacono and the County of Weld for Jail Services


Approval of Resolution 24-07, Approving the Southwest Weld County Subregion Forum Collaborative Transportation Planning Intergovernmental Agreement


General Business


Public Hearing and Approval of Ordinance 953, Granting a Cable Franchise to, and Approving a Cable Franchise Agreement with, Comcast of Colorado IX, LLC, and Adopting Corresponding Amendments to Chapter 5 Article 1 of the Dacono Municipal Code, on Second Reading


Public Hearing and Approval of Resolution 24-05, Extending the Deadline for Compliance with a Condition of Site Plan Approval for Vivid II Workshops


Consideration and Approval of Ordinance 955, Rezoning Certain Property Located within the Sweetgrass Subdivision, on First Reading, and Setting a Public Hearing Pursuant to Charter § 3-9 for January 22, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.


Appointments to Boards and Commissions


Staff Reports


Council Members

Doris Crespo                         Tony Cummings             

Rick Gerk                               Danny Long

Kevin Plain                            Adam Morehead, Mayor 

Michelle Rogers