Pre-Manufactured Housing

Building Codes & Standards

All pre-manufactured housing structures must comply with HUD or UBC standards and shall be inspected by the building official and found to be in good condition before the structure enters the city.

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Requirements for Setting & Removal of Pre-Manufactured Housing

Contact the Department of Community Development for a comprehensive checklist and permit information.

  • Demolition permit application from the State of Colorado
  • Demolition permit application from the City of Dacono - $2,050. This included a $50 permit fee and a $2,000 bond. The bond is released upon inspection and certificate of occupancy.
  • Building permit application for the new manufactured or modular home. Permit fee is $275 and use tax is 1.5% of the total valuation of the job.
  • Two copies of plot plans and foundation plans need to be submitted - one copy for the building department file and one copy to remain on site.
  • All contractors must be licensed with the City of Dacono
  • Adherence to all MH (Manufactured Housing) zoned setback requirements - 5' side yard setback and 15' front yard setback.

Landlord & Tenant Issues

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  1. Donna Case

    Community Development Technician