Annexation Procedures

Eligibility for Annexation

The City of Dacono follows Colorado statutes regarding eligibility of land for annexation into the corporate boundaries. In addition to the findings of fact required by State law, in order for property to be eligible for annexation to the City by petition, the City Council must determine that the land use plan of the property to be annexed is in full compliance with the City of Dacono Comprehensive Plan. Please refer to the City of Dacono annexation process for full details.

Annexation Process

In addition to the submittal requirements for annexation, petitions seeking annexation of land to the City of Dacono shall comply in all respects with the requirements and laws of the State of Colorado. The petition for annexation and zoning must be signed by persons comprising more than 50% of the landowners in the area and owning more than 50% of the area. The petition shall contain signatures and addresses of such owners, as well as the date of signing each signature.

Annexation Fees

 The City retains the services of consultants, including planners, engineers, and attorneys, to assist in the evaluation of applications. In addition to the consultant costs, the City also incurs certain other related costs, including but not limited to legal publications costs and administrative costs.Each petition for annexation shall be submitted with a non-refundable annexation fee plus a signed Cost Agreement and required funds deposit. The applicant shall be responsible for all the costs of publications, legal and engineering fees, and recording fees. Any amounts retaining in the account at the completion of the project are returned to the applicant.

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