Backyard Chicken Hens

Backyard Chicken Hens Now Permitted in Dacono

On May 8, 2023, the Dacono City Council approved Ordinance 942 authorizing backyard chicken hens.  The new ordinance is effective May 16 (Dacono Charter requirement). 

Backyard Chicken Hen Permit

Beginning May 16, residents can complete an online form for a backyard chicken hen permit. A  $25 fee is required.  Payments can be made online or at Dacono City Hall during normal business hours.

City Permit is Not HOA Approval

Remember, if you have an homeowners' association or similar covenant-based property owners' association, a City backyard chicken hen permit is not HOA approval.  HOAs have the right to lawfully adopt more stringent chicken-keeping standards, including the outright prohibition of chicken-keeping, for any parcel within the regulatory authority of such association.

Standards & Requirements

  • Backyard chicken hens, chicken coops, and chicken hen runs are permitted as an accessory use only in conjunction with an established single-family residence.
  • No more than four (4) backyard chicken hens are permitted per lot.
  • Only chicken hens (female chickens) are allowed. Roosters (male chickens) are prohibited.
  • All structures devoted to the keeping of chicken hens shall be located between the rear-most portion of the residence and the rear lot line of the parcel in question. No chicken hens shall be permitted within any other portion of the lot or parcel.
  • No chicken hen coops and enclosures shall exceed six feet or greater in height. Electrical and heat sources shall comply with the City's building code.
  • The chicken hen facilities shall include a coop and run that are fully enclosed, properly ventilated, designed to be easily accessed, cleaned, maintained, and at least 2 square feet per chicken in size. The chicken hen facilities shall be adequately designed and constructed to prevent the escape of chicken hens and entry by predators.
  • The chicken hens must be sheltered or confined in such a fashion as to prevent them from coming into contact with wild ducks or geese or their excrement.
  • Chicken hen feed shall be stored in a resealable, airtight, metal, and pest-proof container to discourage attracting mice, rats, and other vermin. Spillage and leftover feed must be removed daily.
  • Chicken hen coops and chicken hen runs shall be maintained and shall be regularly cleaned to control dust, odor, and waste and not constitute a nuisance, safety hazard, or health problem to surrounding properties. All waste materials shall be properly disposed of and not allowed to accumulate on the property.

  1. Valerie Taylor, MMC

    City Clerk

  2. Ashley Taylor

    Administrative Assistant