Oil & Gas Operations

Oil and GasDacono’s economic history is rooted in coal mining. The City is located in the heart of the Wattenberg Field. The Wattenberg Field is a 100 square mile geological formation located north of Denver, Colorado in Weld, Adams, Boulder, Broomfield and Larimer counties. Wattenberg field and its associated Wattenberg Field unit produce mainly crude oil and natural gas. The Wattenberg field has over 12,000 oil and gas wells. The Wattenberg Field ranks eighth in the United States in terms of gas reserves.

Applications for drilling are approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The City of Dacono grants surface land use approvalthrough a Special Use Permit. Read more about local government's role in oil and gas exploration.

Property Rights
Colorado, like all other western states, recognizes separate ownership of the surface estate and the mineral estate and the distinct private property rights associated with each. Often, different parties own the surface and the subsurface, commonly referred to as severed or split estate lands. The different ownership may have been created through the reservation of the minerals to the government when the lands were originally patented, or may result from a decision by a previous landowner to separately sell or lease the subsurface mineral interest.

Did You Know?
  • Colorado has roughly 25,700 active wells.
  • An additional 40,000 wells are plugged and abandoned.
  • Wells are widely distributed around the state.
  • Two thirds (2/3) of Colorado Counties (42 of 63) have wells located in them.
  • Thirty (30)% of Colorado Counties (19 of 63) have at least two hundred wells.
  • Weld County has the most wells at over 10,000 (40%).