Comprehensive Plan

Dacono Forward Comprehensive Plan 2017

Adopted in 2017, the "Dacono Forward Comprehensive Plan” will guide our community into the future with great thought, passion and intention. The vision is of a community with a diversity of living choices ranging from starter homes and cottages to paired and patio homes. Residents will benefit from connections to public and open spaces, a regional trail system, and a growing number of civic and recreational facilities.

Commercial offerings and services will be incorporated into neighborhood centers when the market can support them. Employment opportunities will be available for individuals in technical, professional, and entrepreneurial fields. Capitalizing on the area’s agricultural roots and extension programs available through Colorado State University and community colleges with campuses in North Front Range communities. The plan calls for Dacono to be known for “home-grown” businesses within its municipal boundaries.

New and established residential neighborhoods will be connected to each other and activity nodes within the City by recreational trails and other infrastructure supporting a safe alternative to vehicular travel. Within established neighborhoods, homes will be maintained to ensure the health and welfare of residents, and facilities made available for pedestrians including parks, playgrounds and sidewalks. Neighborhoods will feature amenities representing emerging values around Green (or environmentally-sensitive) development, sustainable living (i.e., farm to table), and recreation including parks and trails.

The vision of this plan will be advanced through efforts by its appointed and elected officials, residents, business and property owners, and other stakeholders invested in a complete and healthy community.

Examples of the overarching intentions of the plan include:

  • High aesthetic standards for new development
  • Provisions for a robust and diverse local economy
  • Improved strategic gateways
  • Connections between neighborhoods and activity centers
  • Variety of housing types
  • Recreational opportunities for residents of all ages
  • Preservation of scenic views
  • Sustainable tax base

Course corrections, new initiatives and areas of emphasis as described in the plan include:

  • Identification of corridors for future regional rail lines
  • Integration of residents from different ethnic and income groups
  • Safety and security within neighborhoods and commercial areas
  • Preservation of wetlands and wildlife habitat corridors
  • Development of a new Old Town Center (formerly City Center)
  • Passing along development-related costs to private interests
  • Enhanced code enforcement
The City has adopted the following land use, planning and transportation documents as a supplement to the Dacono Forward Comprehensive Plan:
  • City of Dacono Transportation Plan, prepared by Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig, (Resolution 03-29).
  • City of Dacono Water Master Plan, prepared by Clear Water Solutions, Inc. (Resolution 07-48).
  • City of Dacono Parks, Trails and Outdoor Recreation Master Plan, prepared by Civil Resources, LLC, (Resolution 08-24).
  • City of Dacono 2011 Water Conservation Plan, prepared by Clear Water Solutions (Resolution 11-43).
  • City of Dacono Potable Water Master Plan, prepared by Frachetti Engineering (Resolution 14-08).
  • City of Dacono Field Inventory, Regional Transportation and Drainage Impact Fees Analysis, prepared by Tait & Associates

Planning Area Boundary

The area outside Dacono city limits is under the jurisdiction of Weld County. The planning area is the area of potential annexation and growth of the city. Dacono's planning area is about 22 square miles (14,080 acres), bounded by State Highway 52 on the north, Weld County Road 21 on the east, Weld County Road 6 on the south, and Interstate 25 on the west.