City Services

  1. Animal Control

    View local animal laws and codes, learn how to live near local wildlife, and more.

  2. Birth & Death Certificates

    Find out how to receive certified copies of birth and death certificates.

  3. Building Codes & Permits

    Information on how to apply for building permit information and supplemental requirements.

  4. Code Enforcement

    Find out about the code enforcement services of the city.

  5. Crime & Incident Reporting

    Submit your report of any crimes or incidents you witnessed.

  6. Development Services

    Obtain information for current and new businesses.

  7. Licenses

    Find out which licenses are issued by the city clerk.

  8. Mosquito Control

    Find information about local efforts to control mosquitos.

  9. Police Department

  10. Requesting Police Records

    Read how to submit a records request or have a record search performed.

  11. Sales Tax

    Sales Tax

  12. Snow Removal

    Learn about the snow removal process in Dacono.

  13. Street Maintenance

    Learn more about street sweeping and road grading.

  14. Utilities

    Read through information about city water and other utility providers.

  15. Vehicle Registration

    Discover how and where to get license plates, register a car and complete emissions testing in Weld County.